Zero Trust, Zero Nonsense:
Take a faster, more practical approach

Cloudflare Zero Trust Roadshow: Partner Workshop

Thursday 11th August 2022   /   3:00 PM – 5:30 PM

W Hotel – 408 Flinders Ln, Melbourne 


Cloudflare is hosting a Zero Trust Roadshow series across the world, bringing together IT professionals and business decision-makers in ANZ who want to start actioning a phased approach to Zero Trust implementation.

The theory and concepts behind Zero Trust are now pretty clear. More than anything, businesses simply need easy, practical ways to take Zero Trust adoption one step at a time. So, how can you build a realistic plan to chip away at a security modernisation journey? Sooner than you think. Transformation takes time, but adopting Zero Trust does not have to be hard. The key is breaking it out into manageable pieces.

  • What are some of the hurdles holding companies back from adopting a zero trust security model?
  • What are the key stages in order to adopt to the zero trust security model and how are companies going about it?
  • How will zero trust security evolve over the coming years and what does that mean for IT security leaders?

Join us as we discuss how to accelerate business productivity in the face of ransomware and shadow IT and how to take a phased approach to Zero Trust implementation.

View and register for our Melbourne event below:


Zero Trust Roadshow: Partner Workshop - Melbourne

03:00 pm –  Afternoon Tea

03:30 pm – Welcoming and opening address

03:40 pm –  How to Sell Zero Trust

04:00 pm –  Technical Zero Trust Workshop

05:00 pm –  Closing

05:30 pm –  Networking



Sydney and New Zealand Zero Trust Roadshows to be announced!